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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Should I just stop there? I think that's quite honestly enough to keep us shouting till Jesus comes back. But I'll continue for the fun of it...

A few years back, and I've mentioned this before in church, I felt God speak these words into my very spirit. They hit me with such a profound impact that they've stuck with me through the years. I don't believe that this message from God had a time limit or expiry date. They were not solely for the church in Chemainus where He first spoke these words. They were not just for the church in Tumbler Ridge where He reminded me of this promise often. Here's a kicker...

These words were not solely for Westside while I (Pastor Jesse) was present.

These words, "The Best is Yet to Come" are words relating to God's work. His work is not dependant on us. Let's look at that again... God's work is not dependant on us. Isn't that encouraging? Our mistakes and shortcomings can't mess up his plan. On the flip side, God doesn't actually NEED us to complete His work. He just loves including us in the story. I remember having kids act out bible stories at kids club years ago. While the kids watching had fun, the kids who were participating in the story had the most fun and were most impacted by it. It's the same for us. We can be bystanders who simply exist in this world or we can be part of His story and experience it all firsthand. It will be most impactful for us and beneficial for us. Plus we'll have the most fun!

The best is yet to come because God's work does not diminish. It doesn't degrade or get less impactful over time. It just gets gooder and gooder. Because He is a GOOD God. He has done so many amazing things in the past, including getting our attention and giving us a relationship with Him. Yet we can fully expect and anticipate that He has even better things in store. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God's plan for YOU is good. His plan for WESTSIDE is good. His plan for FAIRVIEW is good. So no matter what the NEXT is for Westside, hold tight to this truth:

The Best is Yet to Come.