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Mom. A name I spoke countless times as a kid, teenager, young adult, and well... I'm still a young adult! 

It's a name I called out when I was super excited about finding bugs in the backyard. It's a name that I screamed when I was stung on the hand by a bee while playing on our picnic table. It's the name that I cried out when I woke up from scary nightmares. It's the name that I petitioned to when I fell behind on car payments in college. It's the name I associate with so many good memories. When I think of "Mom" I think of homecooked meals and trips to super cool places. The Flinstones park...Old MacDonalds Farm...Wild n' Wet...The Enchanted Forest...Sun Oka Beach... The list goes on and on of memories with my mom through the years.

This Sunday we put the focus on moms, but in reality they deserve so much more. The blood, sweat, and tears that they pour into making their kids' life the best life is indescribable. And then there are those who have a mother's heart. There are many who still want kids, had and lost kids, or those who can't have kids. To each and every woman who has a Mother's heart, we honor you. We thank you that you care and love in a way that is so selfless and nurturing. We thank you that you are so intentional on investing into the lives of the next generation and seeing them reach their full potential.

This Sunday we honor you. Please come and join us at 11am this Sunday for Mother's Day after your breakfast in bed and before your kids give you a good foot massage.